A New Luxury Vacation Destination: World View Balloon


For $75,000, adventurous luxury travelers can experience a new take on space tourism. The World View Balloon will lift passengers 100,000 feet into the air, ultimately to the edge of outer space. The helium balloon will allow eight passengers to ascend for an hour and half, and then spend two hours taking in the incredible experience of gazing at the earth from afar. Last, the capsule is disconnected from the balloon and begins to free-fall. A parafoil thickens the air, allowing the capsule to safely glide onto the surface of the earth to land on skids.

This innovation comes from World View Enterprises, a Tuscan start-up, and plans to launch in three years. This new pseudo-space travel has prompted experts to reconsider the boundary between the atmosphere and space. Since there is no concrete boundary line, and the World View Balloon will rise about 19 miles above the earth’s surface, The Federal Aviation Administration ruled that the World View capsule will be treated as a space vehicle, because it will be built to operate in outer space.

While this adventurous luxury vacation is not as radical as the future Virgin Galactic space trip, it is sure to be an absolutely beautiful and memorable experience. A World View statement promised a “spectacular human flight into nearspace, unlike any other suborbital spaceflight experience being offered today.”

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Photo courtesy of: space.com

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