Africa’s First Underwater Hotel Room


Off the coast of Tanzania, four meters below the surface of the ocean, there floats a surreal and dreamlike getaway for the adventure-seeking traveler. The Manta Resort on Pemba Island is now home to Africa’s first underwater hotel room.

Manta 3

The three-story abode from Genberg Underwater Hotels, a Swedish design team, is complete with a top deck to take in the sun and marvel at the stars, a water deck designed for lounging and dining, and a bedroom with completely clear views of the ocean and all of its inhabitants. Nighttime spotlights even illuminate the sea creatures swimming past for constant access to the surrounding ocean’s happenings.

Manta 2 lights

The aptly named, Underwater Room is available for $900-$1,500 per night for anyone desiring to sleep among the sea life. Genberg Underwater Hotels have previously accomplished the unthinkable task of allowing guests to sleep beneath the depths of several other bodies of water. However, The Manta Resort’s Underwater Room is the first of its kind to allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the exotic undersea life of the Africa.

Manta 4

The exciting new room opened to guests on November 1st, and the positive feedback may spearhead a new emergence of underwater dwellings worldwide, allowing luxury adventure-seekers the privilege of spending their vacation in the middle of another world.

Manta Resort 1

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