Getting There Safely: Delta Spice Up Their Safety Videos


Veteran travelers can attest that the safety videos on flights can sometimes (translation: most of the time) be repetitive and easy to ignore. That said, it’s important for passengers to know what to do in an emergency—not to mention, it’s a legal obligation of airlines as well.

In an attempt to spice up their safety videos, Delta Air Lines have started to add odd details in their videos to make it an interactive experience for flyers, who are challenged to find the oddities. Mauricio Parise, general manager for marketing communications at Delta, told the New York Times that the goal behind their new videos were to  “make sure that people pay attention” by finding “a way to tell the story, and make it fresh.”

A similar attempt was seen by Virgin American in 2007 when the airlines featured an animated safety video featuring a multitasking nun, matadors, and fly fishing. Air New Zealand, on the other hand, has hired fitness instructor Richard Simmons to star in their safety videos .

Source and image courtesy of the New York Times.