Kicking Off a Healthy New Year With Adventure & Rejuvenation at Amangiri Resort


When the clock strikes midnight tonight, revelers around the world will be partying it up in celebration of the new year. And along with 2013 come the New Years resolutions, with most people’s primary goal being improved health. This year we’re planning on kicking off our quest for fitness at Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah. The luxury resort, set against the backdrop of the Grand Staircase, is offering an adventure and rejuvenation plan for its guests.

The program is just what the doctor ordered; daily hikes through the rolling canyons, yoga classes and core-strengthening Pilates mat sessions. But don’t worry, it’s not at all hard work: the program also incorporates massages, facials and flotation therapy sessions at the resort’s unique water pavilion. Rotations through the steam room, dry sauna and cold plunge pool will help you achieve true bliss. (We’re also planning on congratulating ourselves on our new fitness kick with a trip to the hotel’s private dining room and cellar – no need for deprivation!)

The Amangiri Resort is located at 1 Kayenta Road in Canyon Point, Utah 84741-0285. For more information call (435) 675-3999 or visit their website. Photos courtesy Amangiri.