How Baby Boomers Are Dominating the Travel Market


If you’re wondering what trends are dominating the travel market this year, then wonder no more. The trends, according to The New York Times, are determined by people between the ages of 49 and 67—or in other words, baby boomers. While this subset makes up a mere 26 percent of the population, it controls most of the country’s disposable income, making it a logical (and profitable) group for luxury hotels to focus on.

So what changes can we expect to see in the travel world, courtesy of baby boomers? For starters, cruises and tours will offer shorter itineraries. Tour companies have offered long trips for retirees for years now, but many baby boomers continue to enjoy their work. As such, travel companies are offering shorter itineraries for those who need to get back to their desks.

Another trend is that baby boomers are looking to incorporate luxury and fitness (think hiking to Machu Pichu and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro). As such, exotic locales are adding high-end amenities.

Source and image courtesy of The New York Times.