Party In Style With the Dream Hotel’s Hair of the Dog Package


Best friend getting married? Girls night out? No matter what the occasion, Haute Hotels has found you the perfect place to party in style. The Dream Downtown, a luxury boutique hotel in New York’s trendy Meatpacking district, is offering the aptly-named “Hair of the Dog Package” for revelers headed to the Big Apple.

You could hit all of New York’s hottest clubs, stay out ’til the sun rises and still rest assured that the next day will go smoothly thanks to the Dream’s party package. Guests can begin their recovery with the Dream’s team at 10am, when they’ll be guided through the hotel’s Safira Boutique to purchase replacements for that shoe or tie you lost the night before. Next, guests will be guided gently over to the hotel pool where two shaded chairs and a pitchers of Blood Marys await. When you’re ready, Executive Chef Manuel Trevino will whip up the ultimate cure: ‘Hangover’ Burgers and Fries. With all this pampering, it’s certain that by now you’ll catch a second wind; it’s time to make yourself presentable, then take the express elevator to the PH-D club, where you can cap off your weekend with the Sunset Saturday or Brunch Club Sunday parties. At the end of the night, pop the Emergen-C vitamin packs waiting in your suite, chug the 6-pack of water the staff put on-ice at your bedside and drift off to sleep, assured that your Do-Not-Disturb has already been turned on by the Dream team.

With this kind of personalized service, you’re guaranteed a memorable weekend and a lack of hangover come Monday morning. Perfect!

The Dream Downtown is located at 355 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011. For more information call (212) 229-2559 or visit their website. Photos courtesy of Dream Hotels.