Denmark Hotel Group Becomes First in the World To Go Carbon-Neutral


Arthur Hotel Group in Copenhagen, Denmark has become the first carbon-neutral hotel group on the globe. The hotel group, composed of two properties, has achieved the title due to buying and destroying surplus energy offsets. The move has allowed Arthur Hotel Group to neutralize their total energy consumption.

The international hotel organization IH&RA confirmed the group was the first carbon neutral hotel group. The chain bought energy offsets equaling their yearly carbon emission at the hotels from the Danish energy company Modstrøm. In addition to buying offsets, the group has created a 5-step climate plan.

Arthur Hotel Group has also made smaller adjustments by way of changing to more energy-friendly sources for light bulbs, heating centrals, guest amenities and groceries. The chain has purchased electric cars for guests to rent as well.

The hotel chain was born out of Brøchner Hotels, a family owned and operated business beginning in 1982. Up until June of 2013, the hotel group consisted of four hotels. The children of the parents who started Brøchner Hotels branched off to start Arthur Hotel Group, comprised of Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel.

Details and photo courtesy of Forbes

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