Dubai Opens Hotel Exclusively For Pets


If you need a break from your dog or cat after the holiday season or cannot take them on your next luxurious vacation, consider sending them on a trip of their own to Dubai’s first hotel exclusively for pets! You can now pamper your furry friends with all of the luxury amenities they can get their paws on.

The Dubai Municipality has announced that in March, dogs and cats will be able to relax in the $14.7 million facility in Al Warsan. As an added bonus, the facility even includes a Birds and Pets Market that is triple the size of all existing pet markets within the emirate. “We hope that the project will boost both the trade and tourism in the shade of a new sophisticated bird market in Dubai” said Khalifa Hareb, Director of Assets Management.

The hotel is going to be 835 square meters and will be able to accommodate up to 50 pets. The services your lavish pet can enjoy include grooming rooms, therapy sessions, laundry services and a number of playgrounds.Veterinarians will constantly be on the premises to keep an eye on the animals, and if you begin to miss them too much the hotel features a service in which owners can check-up on their animals via the internet.

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