Emerging Trends in Luxury Hotel Technology


Luxury hotels around the globe are always striving to keep up with the latest and greatest in trends and the most sought after amenities. Here are a handful of popular ideas we’re seeing hotels transform to fit the needs of their luxury guests:

Relax and Read: Fewer and fewer guests are hauling heavy books with them to their luxury destinations, and now many luxury hotels are providing guests with e-readers to make their guests more comfortable. After all, there’s nothing that says comfort like a good book!

High-Tech Communication: Sometimes hotel guests would prefer to connect through other technologies besides the standard hotel phone, and now that little dream is a reality. Many hotels now offer an opportunity to connect with hotel staff via iPad (guests can check in this way) and Gallery Host, a self-serve Kiosk that can be used to avoid lines at a traditional front desk.

Lobby to Tech Center: Hotels are now transforming the lobby into a center for technology instead of leaving the space for worn furniture and guests waiting for check-in. ‘GoBoards’ and information screens are now often used for providing guests with information like weather updates, great local restaurants and directions to landmarks.

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Photos courtesy of Shangri-la

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