EPIC, a Kimpton Hotel Talks Valuable Resources and Social Media

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What programs, apps or resources do you use to bring value to your guests? What about them is useful to you, and why would you recommend them?

EPIC has numerous programs that bring value to our guests – from our Live Like a Local program that lets guests enjoy a true local experience to our expansive meetings offerings and complimentary wine hour, EPIC has it all. More specifically, our health and wellness program really provides value for our health-conscious guests. We take every opportunity to delight our guests with unique wellness offerings such as smoothie bars, trail mix stations and gluten free menu options for groups as well as the inclusion of our new yoga mats provided in every guestroom.

Our newest addition, complimentary custom-designed bikes by PUBLIC with savory picnic baskets upon request – whose menu’s range from wellness, to romance, to Calle Ocho – thus allowing guests to explore the Magic City, hang out in some of our great neighborhoods and parks and enjoy a personal basket made by Area 31, then back on the bike to burn those goodies off. EPIC, and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants nationwide, have a commitment to the wellbeing of guests by providing wellness-minded offerings that minimize stress and inspire balance.

We also offer a variety of resources to our guests – we partnered with Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV) to provide groups with the convenient M3 (Mobile Meeting Manager) app. We know the importance audiovisual services play in the overall success of events – the M3 app organizes every aspect of planning an event into one place, saving time and money. Groups booking at EPIC have access to the app, as well as our seasoned staff and a PSAV representative for added value and expertise. 

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How do you feel social media has changed your industry? How do you use social media to your advantage?

There’s no doubt that social media has changed the hospitality and tourism industry in a big way. Social media has become an essential element – there is now a need for strategic integration in various areas, from CRM, marketing and sales to events. At EPIC, we use social media in many ways – our first priority is always personalized customer service, and we can achieve this through not only personal human interaction but also through virtual engagement. Social media is used as another tool to personalize the guest experience and provide value to our guests…But let’s also be real; nothing takes the place of human interaction and genuine care.

For example, we recently released a series of secret social media passwords, accessible only through Facebook and Twitter, allowing guests to mention the password at check-in to receive discounts and extras.

We believe in a culture that includes people, one that celebrates the individuality of our guests and employees alike. Perhaps it’s this unique mix of social media engagement, individual expression and personal touch that inspires a strong emotional connection with our guests. The growth of social media has allowed every industry to really connect with customers like never before. It’s important to understand that social media should not just be going through the motions; it’s how you integrate the personal connection with the social media strategy that matters.

Interaction, engagement, responsiveness and professionalism are key – if facilitated the correct way, social media can play a major role in new business, increased revenue and high customer retention. Social media provides an array of opportunities and a vast reach of potential customers, so, if strategically executed, it can mean improved results for the hospitality industry and hopefully an even more personal experience for the guest.

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