Five-Figure Luxury Suites Increase as Affluent Demographic Grows


Premium luxury hotel rooms used to be reserved for a small, select group. However, today ultra-luxury accommodations are filling up due to the increase in millionaires. As a result, many hotels are adding on five-figure-per-night rooms.

As the number of people who can fork over top dollar for ultra-luxury rooms increases, hotels like the New York Palace Hotel are introducing accommodations to suit the affluent. Last year, the property unveiled specialty suites after a $140 million renovation. The remodel produced a penthouse overlooking Central Park, all for $28,000 a night.

Starwood has also upped the ante by revealing plans to outfit about half of its luxury brand properties with premium rooms for the super rich.

With those premium rooms, guests can expect extravagant amenities too. In many suites, hotels are offering premium bath products, butlers, private chefs, drivers, personal trainers and masseuses on call. Many of these suites also come with a wealth of bedrooms, dining and living spaces and offices for carrying out work.

Details and photo courtesy of CNN

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