Five Star Luxury on the High Seas


For those who are unfamiliar with the cruise ship industry and have never been on board one of the giant-sized vessels, cruise ships are not just big boats with cramped quarters for their temporary residents; modern cruising aims to provide all the creature comforts to their guests so that they feel as though they are in a five-star luxury hotel which just so happens to float and take them to exotic destinations.

Cruise ships are massive, and although designed for simplicity so that guests can easily find their way from point “A” to point “B”, many people can become rather disoriented while exploring the myriad of decks, entertainment options, restaurants and shopping venues.  What experienced cruise travellers recommend to those who are about to embark on their very first sea adventure is to take the first day of the cruise to learn the layout of the ship and carefully note where the different areas are in order to avoid getting lost later and wasting precious time.

If a cruise is a short one, only two or three days long, then less time will probably be spent becoming familiar with the surroundings.  If on a cruise of short duration, experts recommend taking more time to enjoy being out on the open sea, take in the views,  revel in the five-star luxury provided, and enjoy watching the simple yet amazing things that can only happen while travelling on a boat such as the ship’s wake and the gentle motion of the ocean.