Free Wi-Fi is the Lynchpin of Hotel Satisfaction Survey


Wednesday’s J.D. Power and Associates survey highlighting guest dissatisfaction among many luxury hotels could be rooted in many problems, but the most common complaint from guests was lack of Wi-Fi access.

J.D. Power says the sentiment seems to stem from luxury hotels’ penchant for charging for internet access, while many lower-priced hotels offer it for free.

Guests now consider internet access a necessity and not an added luxury. J.D. Power Vice President Stuart Greif says that many guests feel that since hotels don’t charge for the bed or hot water, they should not charge for the equally necessary internet access.

More than half of all guests in the survey used the internet in a hotel last year. Of those, more than one in ten say they were charged for access.

Luxury hotels counter by pointing out the expense in adding Wi-Fi access. They say economy hotels add all the amenities and offer a cheaper price. Luxury hotels prefer not to charge for a service the guest doesn’t use.

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Source: CNN