Gianni Versace’s Former Home Converted into Luxury Hotel


Travelers now have the chance to live like Versace with the opening of The Villa by Barton G. The luxury hotel occupies Gianni Versace’s former house on Miami’s Ocean Drive.

Versace still very much lives on in his former home turned hotel. Versace’s signature style is at play throughout the property with frescoed ceilings and pebble mosaics.

Barton G. Weis, the new owner of the property, has opened up the space to guests with luxurious suites spread across 23,000 square feet.

The true highlight of the new hotel is its 57-foot Thousand Mosaic Pool, complete with 24 karat gold lining.

Amenities on site include two private lounges that guests can enjoy, Il Sole restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and also spa services. Guests can choose how much space they require with suites ranging from 434 square-feet to 1,428 square feet.

Guests even have the chance to stay in the fashion designer’s former bedroom. The Villa Suite features a nine-foot double king-size bed, views of Miami Beach and the Atlantic Ocean and even seven closets.

Details and photo courtesy of Pursuitist

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