Hamburg Hotels Hopes Gourmet Guests Sweet on Homemade Honey

In an era when nearly every luxury hotel offers the same amenities, hoteliers have struggled to set themselves apart from the pack. With a thoroughly modern appreciation of gourmands’ emphasis on locally-sourced food and organic origins, Germany’s Hamburg Marriott and Renaissance Hamburg have sought out renowned beekeeper Michael Bauer to develop an absolutely unique offering for their guests. The two hotels have proudly “homemade” honey to their menus thanks to a colony of nearly 60,000 honey bees cultivated by Bauer. The bees live in four hives located on the roof of the Renaissance Hamburg; guests of both hotels can not only enjoy the tasty results but also take in the incredible sight of the hives. This is a rare treat, as honey bee populations have been on the decline in the last decade, prompting serious concern from environmentalists.

Hotelier Peter Van Rossen, who serves as the director of both properties, said: “At the Marriott, we are constantly striving to increase our involvement in sustainability. We take great care to offer local products and work with companies or dealers that support the surrounding area.” Indeed, the hotelier spared no detail in his collaboration with beekeeper Bauer. The hives’ new home involved detailed planning on its location, nectar environment, wind direction, vibration levels, and proximity to flowers. It has been estimated that the colony will produce as much as 35 pounds of honey each year. Such colonies have been touted as the key to the survival of honey bees, which pollinate the majority of crops we find in the grocery store. In addition, a number of security checks were conducted to ensure that these fuzzy new additions would pose no danger to hotel guests.

With every city in the world offering a plethora of hotel options, thoughtful and environmentally responsible hotels like the Hamburg Marriott and Renaissance Hamburg are sure to tempt guests with such sweet offerings.