Visit These Haute Hotel Gardens

There is something relaxing about a well-groomed landscape. The shapes and colors swaying in the wind and the warming feeling of the sun shining on your bare skin can effortlessly put your mind at ease.


The Shangri-La Hotel Beijing has a unique way of ignoring the overcrowded and fast-paced urban setting in its backyard. The Garden Wing of this luxurious resort offers hundreds of elegant guestrooms with views overlooking the tranquil landscaped gardens. With its illustrious rock works, ponds, and plant life, the garden utilizes a style that has evolved over 3,000 years.

Brown's Hotel

With the influx of summering billionaires looking to escape the heat of the Middle East and the swarms of paparazzi trying to snap a photo of the royal family, London can prove to be a hectic city. Sitting on the doorstep of the stunning green spaces of Green Park and Hyde Park, the Brown’s Hotel is the ideal resort if you are looking to escape the crowds without sacrificing a centralized urban location.


Like its British counterpart, the Rittenhouse Hotel sits at the heart of a cosmopolitan paradise but offers a peaceful atmosphere for those looking to escape the hectic city streets. Mere steps from the front door, guests can stroll through Rittenhouse Square’s green and symmetrical landscape.

For the fair skinned or insect-fearing travelers, the Fairmont San Francisco offers its guests the all the benefits of an outdoor landscape with all the comforts of modern technology. You can leave the repellant at home because the Tonga Room & Hurricane bar provides a tropical atmosphere—rainstorms included—within the confines of a temperature-controlled environment.

the peninsula beverly hills

If you are really looking to get away, typical gardens/park can sometimes prove to be a bit congested.  Fortunately, the Peninsula Beverly Hills offers a solution with its Garden Suite. A private garden, equipped with a chaise lounge-surrounded fire pit, outdoor dining area and a soothing water feature, is sure to provide guests with the utmost comfort and tranquility possible in a large metropolis.

STILL not isolated enough for you? Well then you are in luck because Wimco Private Villas was founded with you in mind.  These 1-8 bedrooms villas on the island of St. Barts are as far away from the urban life style as you get.  Stylistically Wimco’s villas span the spectrum from West Indian styled cottages, to hilltop colonial retreats and modernist compounds with infinity pools…gardens included.

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