Stuck Traveling While Sick? How Hotels Are Prepping for the Worst-Case Scenario


Flu seasons has hit and with a deadly strain making its way through the country, there is one group of individuals who should be taking extra precaution: travelers.

USA Today reports that hotels have been taking extra precautions to ensure the healthy and safety of their guests. Some hotels are preparing chicken soup for their guests just like mom would, while others are stocking up on hand sanitizer gel as a preventative measures.

For example, the Omni Berkshire Place hotel is encouraging its employees to ask guests who look under the weather if they can help them with errands, including everything from picking up meds to setting up a humidifier in their room. “We hear the flu reports everyday, and we want to be prepared (for sick guests),”Andy Labetti, the hotel’s general manager, told USA Today. “As a hotelier, the first thing out of your mouth is, ‘What can we do for you?’ Do you need extra blankets? Do you need a humidifier? Whatever you need, we’re going to take care of it. We want you to know you’re not here alone.”

Meanwhile, some guests are taking extra precautions, such as avoiding being trapped in an elevator with other sicks guests. “I avoid elevators if at all possible,” Charley King of Kennesaw, Ga., told the report. “With my (Hilton) status, I’m always assured a ground floor room at Hilton Garden Inns.”

Tell  us – are you changing travel plans to avoid sick travelers? Or do you have a story about being taken care of at your favorite luxury hotel?

Source and image courtesy of USA Today. Photo credit.