Innovative Singapore Luxury Hotel Inspired by Rock Formations


Last month’s Inside Festival’s hotel winner was PARKROYAL on Pickering, a striking hotel inspired by geological forms. Designed by WOHA studio, the 367-room hotel located on the edge of Singapore’s Central Business District, is a true architectural feat. The exterior of the PARKROYAL is covered in 15,000 square meters of plants atop large balconies and terraces. In fact, more area than the hotel site itself is covered in green plants.


With slabs of contoured concrete arranged to mimic natural landscapes decorating the reception areas, the entire hotel maintains an organic feel. Keeping with the flow of the building, each room is designed to provide a view of the sky terraces. All of PARKROYAL’s guests are able to experience both the city and garden elements of the unique design.

parkoyal 3

Wong Mun Somm of WOHA was featured in a film shot at Inside Festival 2013, and described the goal of the architects (who also designed the interior) as trying to “humanize the skyscraper.” Passersby on the street are able to marvel at the beauty and green grandeur of the hotel and gain a memorable experience. Wong stated “We succeeded at creating a building that the man on the street can relate to.”   parkroyal 4

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