Marriott Opens 5-Star Hotel at Gateway to Machu Picchu


Luxury hotel group JW Marriott have opened a stunning new hotel in the heart of historic Cusco, Peru. The hotel is located on the grounds of a colonial monastery, at the gateway to the historic Andes’ mountain sanctuary site known as Machu Picchu. The hotel will feature two restaurants; the Peruvian-cuisine Pirka Restaurant and the Qespi Bar & Ninna Sonnco Lounge. Following in the mold of Marriott hotels worldwide, this new property will also feature all the luxury amenities one expects from the company; 24-hour room service, retail stores, the best bedding, a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa. The hotel will also feature a luxury unique to the location; an in-room supplemental oxygen system to alleviate altitude sickness.

The site of the new 153-room hotel, located 11,154 feet above sea level, was retrofitted from the colonial church grounds. Ancient Inca artifacts excavated during the development of the site will be on view at archeological exhibits in the hotel. Marriott worked closely with groups including UNESCO, the INC and the Municipality of Cusco to ensure that the cultural heritage of the site was safeguarded and honored. Rob Steigerwald, COO at Marriott, said in a press release; “In the last few years Cusco has become known for its luxurious accommodations and spas, making it a natural decision for Marriott International to introduce the JW Marriott brand as our first property in the destination.”

This new hotel is certain to become the go-to for luxury travelers making the trek to the ancient Inca sanctuary of Machu Picchu, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. For rates and more information, please visit the Marriott website.

Source courtesy Marriott press release. Photos of Machu Picchu courtesy Wikipedia and hotel photos courtesy TripAdvisor.