Norwegian Hotel Brings The Outside In With Natural Design


London-based architectural studio Haptic have created a stunning new bespoke hotel lobby in Norway. The Quality Hotel Expo, located in the Fornebu neighborhood of Oslo, was designed to reflect the beauty of the Norwegian landscape, with an emphasis on the use of natural materials. Entering the hotel lobby is akin to walking into a forest; with hardwoods featured throughout the lobby and a stylized wall of trees dividing the lobby from the restaurant. A careful emphasis was placed on lighting, with natural light streaming through a skylight and shadows dance between the canopies of the trees on the articulated lobby ceiling. The hotel’s library is delineated by a timber-wood screen, which multitasks as bookshelves and desks. In harmony with the lobby’s natural beauty, the 300 guest rooms and suites feature a pared-down look.

On their website, Haptic explained the concept behind their cutting-edge hotel design; “The norwegian forests are a primary inspiration, whereby timber is used throughout in very different ways to create semi-permeable screens, cladding to cores, a bespoke square-log reception and bar, right down to details such as signage and loose furniture.” The result is that the lobby has been elevated beyond a simple reception or waiting area; the inclusion of natural design elements creates a communal environment, where guests can relax, dine or meet friends.

For more information, please visit the Quality Hotel Expo hotel’s website. Source and photos courtesy Haptic’s website