Luxury Companies Seek Applicants for $1 Million Travel Job


Two luxury companies are looking to fill a travel dream job. Luxury Travel Intelligence and are seeking one person or a couple to spend a year traveling in opulent style.

The job posting outlines the role of the position. The two companies are looking for someone to visit the most glamorous destinations on the globe, noting the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment options along the way. The selected person or persons will be cruising around the world in style, testing yachts, jets and even Japan’s latest luxury train.

From the Maldives to Aman, the selected individual or couple will not be paid for their research, though they will be earning the experience of a lifetime. Luxury Travel Intelligence is covering all travel costs including accommodations, entertainment and food up to $1 million for a one year time frame.

While some might see this as a dream job, the company still wants the individual to work. They must provide comprehensive reports and insights on the destinations and venues. Applications are due by April 30, 2014.

Details and photo courtesy of ABC News

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