Luxury Hotels for the Art Lover


Ahoy, art enthusiasts! While many think of modern hotels as perhaps the single worst place to see fine art (think prints thrown up on walls without any regard for placement, subject matter, etc.), there are in fact hotels whose focus is in fine art. These luxury hotels feature the work of memorable artists, bringing the museum feel to a residential space.

Tribe Hotel of Nairobi is known as a center for arts and culture in Kenya. Hosting visitors from poets to rap artists to classical musicians, the hotel is a hub of activity, featuring incredible artifacts from the Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Rwanda.

THE THIEF in Oslo features handpicked contemporary artwork in all 119 hotel rooms, also incorporating video installation and graphic design into their aesthetic. The Norway hotel has also formed a partnership with the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.

QT Sydney is located in the heart of Sydney’s most vibrant district, featuring eclectic design features, unique artifacts, new technology, and digital art. The hotel emanates a whimsical feel, using a mix of modern and classic pieces to craft each room into a mini museum-like paradise.

Photos courtesy of Tripers, cntraveller