Luxury Hotels with Amazing Views

Luxury Hotels with a View

For any vacationer, the goal of relaxation, adventure and leaving the day-to-day behind becomes much easier with a breathtaking view. Here are five luxury hotels with views that will immediately have you forgetting your to-do list.

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing

The Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing is a luxurious, 5-star hotel that offers visitors a combination of old and new. Complete with all amenities, the hotel is situated near shopping malls, night markets and ancient landmarks such as the Great Wall. Several wings boast floor-to-ceiling windows offering an enchanting view of the city. The 3,000 sq. foot garden, tucked away amidst bustling Beijing gives patrons a tranquil getaway. Koi ponds, pavilions and waterfalls make the experience complete, combining the high-energy city with a quiet and beautiful retreat.

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Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

As the first premier beach resort ever in Orange County, the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel sets the standard in luxurious views. Situated on a 150-foot bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it is the quintessential Southern California experience. With unrivaled service and an incredible reputation, this is an absolute must for anyone longing for an ocean view.

Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Villa Tre Ville, Italy

In Positano, Italy on the sparkling Amalfi Coast, Villa Tre Ville is a playful paradise with complete access to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Four houses, or villas, comprised of 15 separate guest suites are what make up this whimsical yet classic, art- influenced getaway. Guests have access to private gardens, sundecks, and a private motor launch. Traditional craftsmanship by renowned art professionals gives the already stunning view even more charm.

Villa Tre Ville, Positano Italy

Hotel 1000, Seattle

In the heart of downtown Seattle, Hotel 1000 is teeming with luxury features. From bathtubs with water that falls from the ceiling, temperature controlled rooms, and  a staff that makes an effort to know everyone by name, nothing falls by the wayside- especially not the view. With rooms overlooking Elliot Bay, Puget Sound, and the downtown city, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a wide array of suites to choose from, Hotel 1000 does not disappoint.

Hotel 1000 Seattle

Trump Chicago

The Trump Hotel in Downtown Chicago is one of only ten restaurants in the world to have earned five Forbes stars for both its hotel and restaurant. The triumph of a building with a bold design and iridescent exterior allows guests to take in the lake, river, and city views. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a staple of each room, along with the extensive list of amenities. Guests can receive spa treatments while taking in the city skyline, or plan a day with their pets (one of the Trump hotel’s many signature programs). The hotel’s Michelin–rated restaurant, Sixteen, is complete with the same awe-inspiring views as the guestrooms.

Trump Hotel Chicago

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