Luxury Hotels with Unique Amenities

Whether it’s a complimentary cookie upon check-in, mints on the pillow, or free wireless Internet connection, Hotels always did what they could to differentiate themselves. Frankly, guests have grown accustomed to these mundane “perks” and come to expect them at any establishment. Fortunately, there are some hotels that offer guests certain unique amenities not available at the local Holiday Inn.

Little Palm Island

Cast aside by the overuse of e-mail and text messaging, love letters have quickly become a lost practice.  Fortunately for the romantic at heart, the “cupid team” at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa has revived the art form. The team helps its guests write the letter—not unlike those that have swooned women for centuries—then hand-delivers it with a dozen roses and a chilled bottle of Laurent Perrier Demi Sec Champagne. Way to go, Casanova.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Located in a city that prompts the spontaneous weekend getaway for so many, the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, boasts a luxurious beauty salon where guests can get the hair/nail/beauty treatments that could not fit in their busy pre-trip schedule.

Lake Tahoe

For those looking to tempt lady luck while avoiding the crowds of Las Vegas, the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe has integrated its relaxed mountain setting into the décor of their 20,000 square foot Grand Lodge Casino. Guests can enter a weekly Blackjack tournament or camp out at one of the 250+ slot machines void of any wannabe ESPN poker champions and tracksuit-wearing seniors.


Manhattan is the perfect destination for those looking to explore. Fortunately, the Dream Downtown offers a means of transportation that does not include sweaty subway tunnels and road-raged taxi drivers. Hotel guests can utilize the complimentary 3-speed bicycles to easily visit and enjoy the various parks, attractions, and landmarks scattered around the island.


Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the Pacific Northwest is not exactly the ideal location for outdoor sports fans. Fortunately for golf enthusiasts, they can leave their clubs at home and power down their in-phone weather app when visiting Hotel 1000 in sun[less] Seattle, Washington. Guests can take advantage of the virtual golf setting to play a round on one 50 of the world’s best courses as they enjoy a cocktail in a cozy temperature-controlled environment.


Unlike those looking to unwind in an appointment-free environment, there are some travelers who prefer to have the day mapped out for them. The Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort in Solvang, California can do just that with a full itinerary of available summer activities. Utilizing a 7-day itinerary, guests can fill their schedule, from sunrise to sunset, with various outdoor sports and activities—including, but not limited to, golf, fishing, air rifles/archery, and hiking.

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