Luxury Travel Accessories for Haute Jetsetters


Before you jet off to your next great hotel destination, make sure you have the latest and greatest companions in luxury travel. Nothing beats having the perfect accessory for every vacation moment. Traveling should be a glamorous and enjoyable experience every time, especially when en route to an amazing location. And with these items, the trip there can be just as relaxing as the destination.

Hublot Noise Canceling Headphones, $2,270hublot headphones 2

These headphones by Hublot block out virtually all noise, so you can sit back and relax on your flight or ride. With impeccable sound quality from Monster’s dual amplification system, the Enigma audio engine which provides realistic sound, a direct USB plug-in and Bluetooth alternate, they are the ultimate in luxury audio.

Swarovski EL 32 Binoculars, $2,399

swarovski binoculars 2

Whether you are traveling on safari or just down a beautifully scenic road on the way to your resort, a reliable pair of binoculars is a must for any luxury traveler. Swarovski Optiks makes an array of binoculars, but the EL 32 is sleekly designed with a large field of view and perfect focus.

Constance Guisset for Louis Vuitton Col De Voyage Travel Pillow, $1,010

vuitton travel pillow

Part of an exclusive collection for Louis Vuitton, Objets Nomades, which included sixteen unique travel items from eleven different designers, Constance Guisset made the list twice. First is for her Col De Voyage travel pillow, its ergonomic petal design provides lasting comfort on long flights, cushioning the head and neck.

Constance Guisset for Louis Vuitton Lunettes De Someil Eye Mask, $430

vuitton eye mask

From the same collection, the Paris-based designer also contributed Lunettes De Someil. This leather eye mask is perfect for a sleep deprived traveler. The mask molds to the face with removable, washable eye pads. The pads allow for optimum circulation to the eyes for a guaranteed comfortable, peaceful sleep. As an added bonus, the eye mask comes with its own chic travel case.

Doettling The Guardian Luxury Travel Safe, $18,000

Dottling the guardian 2

With room for protection of up to six watches, jewelry, cash, or any other valuable belongings that any luxury traveler may be carrying, Doettling has brought us the first high-security travel safe. The double walled safe is tubular and built into leather; this allows the traveler to be secure without sacrificing any style. Made out of the same material as police shields, The Guardian requires a three digit security code to open and is complete with a GPS transmitter to pinpoint the exact location at any time. Travel with peace of mind knowing that all of your valuables are incredibly safe.

Photos courtesy of: swarovskioptik, design-milk, luxspresso, luxuo, expedia

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