Need a Room Upgrade? Hotel Insider Says Tip at the Front Desk


Alright; you’ve landed in your favorite city for a last-minute romantic getaway. The driver drops you at your favorite luxury hotel, and you head to the front desk, where they inform you (gasp!) that you are booked into the most basic of rooms. So how do you get the suite that will really make your vacation complete? Author Jacob Tomsky, who recently wrote Heads in Beds, reveals that the best way to get a room upgrade is to tip the front desk agent.

Tomsky’s book, which is a tell-all, insider’s look at the hospitality industry, describes the frequent practice wherein a guest will  hand over their credit card during check-in, wrapped up in a hefty bill as a tip. “Oh, God, does this work,” Tomsky writes. “Words rarely work. In a hotel, money talks. Money. Cash on the desk. Most guests put money in the wrong hands. … Think of it this way: Who is doing the typing? Who’s assigning you a room? Who burns your keys?…We can improve your life with a keystroke. We can keep your secrets and flood your room with wine.”

Tell us – have you tipped to get your way at your favorite luxury hotel? Do you agree with this practice?

Source and image courtesy of USA Today.