New Pop-up Jetway Will Change Haute Traveling


Architect Margo Krasojevic has designed a private Jetway hotel that will be placed next to just-landed private jets. This new innovation in luxury is ideal for the frequent traveler who would rather avoid an oftentimes inconvenient layover. The pop-up will be waiting for tired and drained guests who can now bypass traffic and customs on the way to their former accommodations. Housing guests for up to twenty four hours, the Jetway provides a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and integrated entertainment system. The incredibly unique exterior design is comprised of a telescopic shell that can expand or contract to guest’s liking of a larger or smaller space.

The interior is made up of a combination of laminated glass, photovoltaic cells and low-resolution, fully controllable LED lighting. And the exterior is equipped with just as modern components; Perspex-encased tritium sections that provide glowing light and a 10-year lifespan without the need for an external power supply. Rain water is also filtered for use in the Jetway. With designs still in the works and no set completion date, this amazing new hotel is something for haute jetsetters everywhere to look forward to.

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