Newest Hotel in Beijing is also City’s Tallest

Beijing is a city that offers many lovely, new hotels with outstanding customer service, luxury rooms and fantastic restaurants that are deservedly famous.  In fact, Beijing is becoming a city synonymous with high end accommodation and comfort for well-heeled travellers.  So while it may not seem to be terribly newsworthy to be writing about yet another unveiling of a hotel for the upper crust in China’s capital, the China World Summit Wing, which belongs to Shangri-La, a company famed for opulence, stands out compared to other hotels because of one feature:  its stunning views.

The newest hotel in Beijing also happens to be the city’s tallest hotel and can therefore offer something the other ritzy guest palaces in town cannot:  views of Guo Mao and Chaoyong district.  As the owners of the latest Shangri-La property have found, while all luxuries known to mankind can be offered in the rooms of the hotels, one of the most satisfying elements of a getaway is the opportunity to see a city’s character and beautiful areas from its upper heights.

Because at the current time no other hotels can offer guests such sweeping views of the iconic Chinese city, the China World Summit Wing will surely become a favourite destination of wealthy business travellers and tourists who want to enjoy the lovely vistas Beijing has to offer in the comfort and luxury of their own private, well-tended premium hotel residence.