Ultimate Personalized Service at One Kuala Lumpur


The five-star One World Hotel in Kuala Lumpur have launched the unique “ONE Service.” Guests need only push the ONE Service button on telephones in the hotel’s suites to get immediate butler service who will coordinate with the necessary departments, from housekeeping to maintenance, food or concierge service, to fulfill any request. The service has garnered the hotel a huge number of awards, and staff pride themselves on being able to fulfill the wildest of requests.

Elsewhere, the hotel boasts soothing earth tones which are the perfect environment for relaxation, with contemporary room decor and luxury restaurants serving local and international haute cuisine. Additionally, the award-winning hotel boasts the Havana Club, where guests sit back to enjoy a perfect Scotch recommendation along with a Cuban cigar. Guests can enjoy personalized itineraries in the Malaysian city, or relax at the luxury spa or pool.