Peninsula Hong Kong Unveils $450-Million Worth in Renovations

The Peninsula Hong Kong has undergone an incredible $450-million (HK) renovation project to revamp 300 of the hotel’s luxury guest-rooms. The first phase of the renovations, which began in January of this year, have already been unveiled, revealing the new Peninsula Tower. The remaining renovations, taking place in the original building, will be unveiled in April 2013 to coincide with the hotel’s 85th anniversary celebrations.

For the luxury aesthete wondering what the new rooms look like, Haute Hotel can confirm that the design is Classic Modern with a simple, understated chic elegance. The rooms boasts a neutral palette and burl wood cabinetry, screen doors, chairs, while a plush material with dark wood detailing frames the walls and doors (as seen in the photo above).

Amenities include everything a weary world traveler needs, including a Blu-ray LED television, dual-voltage (110V/240V) electrical power sockets with universal adapters and chargers, unique Chinese-ink painting inspired free-form art installations in every room,  customized interactive digital bedside and desk tablets pre-set to your language upon check-in. Rooms feature the modern equivalent of a butler, with access to an in-room compendium of restaurant menus, hotel services, the new “PenCities” virtual city guide, and personalised streaming TV, internet and radio via noise-cancelling earphones. For the more traditional guest, a discrete wall panel puts the valet at your beck and call.

Truly the Peninsula Hong Kong is looking towards the future, but this renovation has proven that the hotel is committed to honoring the luxury we already know and love.