Plastic Surgery and Hotels: Privacy is the Best Policy at The Pierre


Elegant lobbies, red carpets, massive chandeliers and elevator attendants are just a few of the things that guests have come to expect of the finest luxury hotels. For certain guests, however—namely those recovering from elective surgery—discretion is priceless. The plastic surgery recovery package at the Pierre Hotel is a bargain, then.

Dr. Robert Grant, Chief of plastic surgery for combined Divisions at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, has a partnership with the hotel, which offers its guests exclusive amenities that are sure to make recovery as enjoyable as possible.

In addition to having a leading plastic surgeon on call 24 hours a day, patients are chauffeured from the procedure to the hotel where they will be escorted to their room via private back entrance and elevator. Because all of this is taken care of in advance, guests need not dawdle with any of the usual, time-consuming check-in procedures. The package also includes in-room manicures/pedicures and visits from a masseuse upon request.

The exclusive amenities and private entrances may be lavish, indeed, but perhaps the most luxurious part of the package is the participation of the people involved. Brooke Alpert (nutritionist) and Jacqui Stafford (stylist) complete the trio—alongside Dr. Grant—that has been dubbed “the dream team” within plastic surgery circles. Alpert, who designed the Wellness menu at The Pierre, will show patients how to eat and maintain their weight loss, while Stafford will show them how to dress—acting as their personal shopper to find clothes that will compliment their new look.

The recovery package at the Pierre Hotel could cost as much as $10,000/night, but Dr. Grant and the hotel will work with patients to find a room that suits their budget. Nip or tuck, anyone?

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