Airports Get Into the Hotel Game With Pop-Up Rooms For Weary Travelers


There’s a new hotel idea in town by a company called Minute Suites and it’s here to assist travelers with delayed flights. The company builds pod-like mini hotels rooms for travelers to work, relax, or sleep when they wait for a delayed flight.

The company has built these mini 7 by 8 feet hotel rooms in Atlanta and Philadelphia’s airport; the next two on their list is Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago O’Hare. Each “room” contains a sofa bed with pillows and blankets, a desk for work, a TV, Wi-Fi access, and an option for a wakeup call. And that’s not all: There’s a system through which extraneous noises in the airport can be eliminated and there’s an alarm clock to ensure travelers don’t miss their flights.

So how much is this experience? It’s not a fixed rate like a traditional hotel room. This pop-up hotel suite is $32 for the first hour and then $8 for every additional 15 minutes, with discounts for longer stay.

Source and image.