Regionally Inspired Design a New Trend in Luxury Hotels


Luxury hotel brands Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons have been famed in the past for their uniformity and almost cookie-cutter approach to design for their buildings, however, in order to provide guests with a more personal “experience”, decorators, designers and architects with both companies are starting to incorporate local, regionally inspired touches to their iconic hotels world-wide.

Both Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton hotels have been known to provide a uniformity of decor and design elements in their hotels in order for repeat guests to feel familiar and at home in different parts of the world; however the trend in the past few years is that the hotels’ clientele wish to learn more about the local cultures, sights and influences in art and architecture.  While the design of the hotels is not being radically changed, for example the classically-inspired Ritz Carlton chain will probably not renovate its hotels into minimalist, post-modern glass and steel boutique bed-and-breakfasts, local elements are being seamlessly blended into the existing decor.

The Four Seasons Las Vegas, which is renovating its guestrooms, claims their design ideas came from local Art Deco architecture, the Hoover Dam and the Smith Center for the Performing Arts.  A bold palette of modern art will also reflect the influence of Las Vegas’ night-time bright city lights.  The goal, says Erica Johnson-McElroy, director of public relations at the hotel, is to immerse guests into the Nevada culture. This regional influence can be felt in everything from the overall architecture to the Art Deco pool.

The Ritz-Carlton, since 2004, has been gradually breaking away from its uniform design of the past, with no two Ritz-Carltons having the same design or decor for over 8 years.