Romantic Suites at the Villa Tre Ville


The stunning villa for rent, Villa Tre Ville, is an exclusive member of The Haute Hotel Network.

Among recent renovation on the Villa Tre Ville, the soothing ambiance of its various themed suites has been perfected to radiate individual culture and charm.


Roused by the passion of Shakespearian plays, the Romeo and Juliet Suite is one of the most romantic corners of Villa Tre Ville.

With a privileged view of the island of Li Galli, this suite is decorated with vases from Vietri and works of art by different hands, including photographer Daniele Patriarca and painter Natalya Goncharova.


Within the Aida Suite, a wide variety of light-blue tones mimic the tranquil beauty of The Mediterranean. Arabic decorations typical of Positano style embellish this suite, as well as a unique ceramic sculpture by Lucio Liguori.


Pure Oriental style has been adopted for the Turandot Suite. An unusual alcove with drapes and fabrics is adorned in typically Oriental colors and 19th century Indian collages showing love scenes.


The yellow and orange fabrics of the Carmen Suite evoke the spirit of Naples. This suite is decorated with works of art by Paolo Sandulli, including one entitled Le Tuffatrici (’The divers’), and other pieces by craftsmen of the Amalfitan Coast.


The Norma Suite offers original furnishings, fine fabrics, miniatures and tools to create a marine atmosphere.

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