Seeking a Party for The End Of The World? Look No Further Than The Cuixmala Hotel.


The Cuixmala Hotel in Jalisco, Mexico greets Mayan prophecy with an event like no other, Kosmosis.

The Mayan long-count calendar will complete a full cycle on December 21st of this month, a sign believed by many to indicate the end of the world. Many people will stock up on supplies and try to be as prepared as possible for the chaos which is supposed to ensue. At the Cuixmala Hotel in Jalisco, Mexico, however, the preparations are a bit more festive, and the intended chaos a bit more exuberant and fun. While many places in Mexico are doing some type of celebration, usually with a tongue in cheek “end of the world” theme, the Cuixmala is really going all out with an event called “Kosmosis.”

On the beach at Cuixmala they are building a surreal stage set to act as the backdrop to the party. There are actual size Mayan temples, huge Mayan and Aztec calendars and various other iconic images associated with the cosmic event. To add even more atmosphere the space is illuminated by thousands of candles plus blazing beach bonfires.

Guests are being asked to wear wild and exuberant costumes to add to the surreal quality of the evening. The party starts at dusk on the 20th and ends at dawn on the 21st, in-between are cocktails, dinner, dancing and an end of the Mayan calendar ceremony. Cuixmala interprets the end of the Mayan calendar as a positive transformational event but if it turns out to be the end of the world then at least you got in one more great party.

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