Sochi’s Lack of Luxury Hotels Limits Last Minute Bookings From U.S.


Americans aren’t booking hotel rooms last minute Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Due to terrorism concerns, a lack of luxury accommodation options and trouble with visas, U.S. tour operators are anticipating the fewest number American visitors to a Winter Olympics in 20 years.

Russia’s idea of creating a year-round resort out of the small city on the Black Sea hasn’t panned out yet. While the country planned to spend $50 billion beefing up hotels and other infrastructure, the end result hasn’t yielded enough luxury hotel rooms.

The Olympic organizing committee for Russia revealed that 30 percent of tickets to the games were still up for sale up to three weeks before the February 7th opening ceremony. Tour operators aren’t expecting Americans to book last minute flights to the Winter Olympic Games due to the difficulty in reaching the Sochi airport, visa problems and the limited luxury hotel market.

Tour operators have stressed that the lack for four and five star hotels has kept many travelers from heading to the Olympics. While some high-end hotels have been built, operators say there isn’t enough for the higher-end clientele that the Olympics typically draw.

Details and photo courtesy of Bloomberg Business Week

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