Trump International Hotel & Tower Offers Brilliant Spring Menus

Trump International Hotel & Tower touts Sixteen’s newest spring menu offerings. Executive Chef Thomas Lents and Executive Pastry Chef Patrick Fahy feature progressive American cuisine through three distinct new menus: “The Stream,” “The Field” and “The Pasture.”

Each distinct tasting menu features eight courses and highlights distinct flavors and accents from the three separate environments; the menus include the likes of eel, chive flowers, porcini mushrooms, stone fruits, and Holland asparagus.

Chef Lents states, “Our goal is to personalize the entire dining experience and establish a direct relationship between diner and chef. Greeting guests with an invitation and utilizing conversation for ordering allows us to focus on the exchange and a direct connection with each guest.”

Mouth-watering highlights include the following:

Offerings from Lily & Pond

crisp frog, snail, wild nettle, green chickpea

On the Pasture

tete de veau, fava beans and leaves, smoked ricotta

Out of Winter, the Gift of Thistle

whole roasted artichoke, heartbreads, wild nettle, chive flower

First Harvest’s Sunset

rhubarb, greek yogurt, elderflower, violet

The three eight-course prix-fixe menus cost $150, with an optional wine pairing for $75.

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