The Fairmont Hotel Sets San Francisco Abuzz


The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco has always made leaps and bounds when it comes to giving back and incorporating locally grown ingredients into their cuisine, but in 2010 the Fairmont did something very special.

Partnering with Marshall’s Farm, the Fairmont installed honey beehives in their culinary garden to support the local bee population. Four hives house 50,000 bees each, encouraging the pollination of their garden in addition to benefitting local wildlife. Honey produced on-site is used in the Fairmont’s menu.

Regional VP and GM of The Fairmont San Francisco notes, “The cultivation of honey beehives marks the latest step in The Fairmont’s history of environmental stewardship.  Our hotel has been part of the fabric of San Francisco for more than a century and its success can be attributed to an enduring commitment to the local community and environment.”

The hives continue to benefit the local community and the taste buds of honey-loving guests.

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