The New Way to Spend a Night in Jail: Converted Luxury Hotels


The newest trend in the luxury hotel industry is quite a contradiction. Guests pay to stay in rooms that once held inmates trapped behind bars! Around the world, old and unused jails are being converted into the chicest of hotels. From hostels to the Four Seasons, the boutique hotel boom has prompted developers to rethink what ‘luxury’ means and what will truly excite the extravagant traveler. Right now, it is a stay behind bars at a former jail…creepy, right?

The Liberty Hotel in Boston was formerly the Charles Street Jail, once imprisoning the infamous Boston Strangler. Now, guests pay four hundred dollars per night to stay in at the luxury establishment and revel in the past. Guests can now have drinks in cells and watch fashion shows where inmates used to exercise. A Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul was transformed from a prison that was even featured in a violent thriller movie. While some guests at these hotels have reported feeling strange about their stay, or even claustrophobic, most are very pleased with the novelty of trading prison guards for concierge.

With The Liberty Hotel’s occupancy rates higher than ever before, the luxury hotel industry can expect this trend to last. Converted jails have long been popular in Europe, but are just catching on in the United States, allowing major opportunity for more jailhouse-chic establishments.

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