The Next Level of Luxury: The Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Never allowing complacency, The Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel is leveraging it’s successes over the past year and reinventing itself for 2013.

What do you see as your property’s greatest success in 2012?

Every year at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel,  we are fortunate enough to unveil new innovations. This is always considered a success. In 2012 we had the birth of our boutique steakhouse enoSTEAK. enoSTEAK is an intimate steakhouse featuring only the highest quality ingredients. All of the steaks are from prime, gourmet, pasture-raised beef. The produce is organically grown locally and harvested at the peak of the season. enoSTEAK is a farm-to-table concept and is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

In 2012 we also introduced new fireside guestrooms and suites. These rooms offer the same incredible view from the guest room, but are further enhanced with a beautiful outside fireplace offering a warm outdoor atmosphere in which guests can sit and enjoy the view from the privacy of their guestroom. 

What do you see as some of the biggest opportunities in the coming year ahead? 

Letting the world know we are not the same resort. After years of re-inventing ourselves and a multi-year $70 million dollar investment strategy that re-imagined the resort, The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel has moved forward into a 21st century and truly embodies the Southern California lifestyle.  The project brought together the entrepreneurial brilliance of hoteliers, leading designers, restaurateurs and other elite travel experts to strengthen the resort’s luxury experience while capturing the breathtaking ocean views as the inspiration of all the interior and exterior spaces. A visually stunning experience has been created throughout the property that echoes the Pacific Ocean and active California lifestyle while still emphasizing unparalleled Ritz-Carlton service.

“As the destination’s very first resort, we’ve worked hard to invest strategically, which is a testament to our ongoing commitment to this iconic resort and world-class destination,” commented Bruce Brainerd, general manager. “We challenged the designers, architects and restaurateurs to fully meet the potential of our oceanfront location and they delivered.  This transformation has truly unleashed our potential and has validated our strategy to evolve through innovation in order to lead in the luxury marketplace,” said Brainerd. 

What changing market aspects will have the greatest impact on the way you conduct business in 2013? 

By continuing to demonstrate to decision makers the value of holding a meeting in a luxury environment and the multitude of benefits that are derived from that. When employees feel they are being rewarded by meeting in an environment in which all their needs are met, and they can focus on business at hand, there are vast returns on multiple levels that result from that.

What is it about your property that sets you apart from the rest? 

An unmatched ocean-front setting and remarkable service heritage make guests’ experiences here truly unique.  The prized offerings that have distinguished the resort from the competition from its start remain and none more prominent than The Ritz-Carlton Club which has been recognized as the Best Club Experience Globally within The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company for four years running.  “We are extremely proud of the ladies and gentlemen on The Ritz-Carlton Club for their exemplary customer satisfaction and service excellence which has earned them this outstanding recognition for the fourth consecutive year,” announced Brainerd. “It is a true testament to their commitment to creating life-long Ritz-Carlton guests.” 

What are the most important questions a client should ask themselves before selecting a property in your market? 

Do you want an experience that will create unique and memorable, personable interactions from ladies and gentlemen who genuinely care? Do you want to raise expectations? Do you want to be in an environment that is exciting, innovative and beautiful at the same time?  Do you want a destination where you can be as active as you want (surfing, SUP, whale watching) or be as relaxed as can be (spa, pool, beach). 

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