The Queen Elizabeth II Transforms Into New Luxury Hotel


Unlike the English royal this luxury liner was named after, The Queen Elizabeth 2 (commonly referred to as QE2), has left the monarchy for good. Following its acquisition, a group of investors under the Dubai-based entity dubbed “QE2 Shipping,” has announced its plan to renovate and relocate the 40-year-old vessel, turning it into a luxury hotel.

With plans to turn the $100 investment into an extravagant hotel, Istithmar World—Dubai’s premier investment company—purchased the vessel in 2007. However, the economic crisis that shortly ensued bottlenecked investments and left the conglomerate heavily indebted. Originally planned to dock in the famous palm-shaped resort, the QE2’s current state did not meet Dubai’s luxury standards and the funds required to transform the vessel were no longer easily accessible.

With the recent economic upturn, Dubai has dusted off its original course of action and committed to nearly doubling its original investment. With the $90 million renovation, the new hotel will offer guests their choice of any of the 400 suite-sized rooms ranging in size from 195-490 square feet and is sure to offer a fair share of luxurious amenities.

With its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City far in its past (May 1969), the QE2’s final destination has yet to be decided. Despite an expected 2014 launch date, negotiations with several Asian countries are still underway. Buamim revealed that the hotel would be located in whichever country presents the consortium of investors with the best deal.

Photos courtesy of cunard

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