The Shining: 5 Facts about The Stanley Hotel You Didn’t Know


The Overlook Hotel is famed as one of the creepiest hotels in movie history and was inspired by a real hotel: The Stanley Hotel of Estes Park.  Though The Overlook Hotel didn’t quite have a writer-gone- killer in residence, it does boast a lot of interesting history.

1. Stephen King and his family were actually the last guests to The Stanley Hotel before it shut down for the winter, inspiring the creation of the story’s main characters. They stayed in room 217, the inspiration for the most haunted room in The Overlook Hotel. 217 was the site of an unusual accident in 1911 that involved a maid injured by a gas leak explosion.


2. The Overlook Hotel’s maze never existed at The Stanley Hotel. It was constructed of branches and chicken wire on an airfield close to Elstree studios.

3. The Stanley Hotel was built in 1909 by the creator of ‘Stanley Steamer,’ Freelan Oscar Stanley and catered to famous visitors like Theodore Roosevelt and RMS Titanic survivor Margaret Brown.


4. The Stanley Hotel ruffled feathers by announcing they would be digging up a neighborhood pet cemetery (can you guess which of Stephen King’s other books this act inspired)?

5. Kitchen staff at The Stanley Hotel have reported sounds of a party in the ballroom, someone playing the piano, impressions of bodies in freshly made beds, phantom children and more. Room 418 is said to be (by far) the most haunted room of all.

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