Top 3 Things to Do Before Checking Out of a Luxury Hotel


We know your travel instinct involves waiting until the last minute to check out, resulting in rushing and forgetting some of the most important parts of wrapping up your stay. Check out our top three must-do things to consider before leaving your luxury hotel.


Check Your Outlets:

Were you charging your iPad, iPod, iPhone? Did you leave your curlers or electric razor plugged in? Did you grab your laptop cord before packing it away for the day? Hotel visitors lose tons of money every day forgetting valuable cords and chargers (and even electronics, if you’re not careful), so check around the room thoroughly before leaving. A forgotten Mac charger can run you about $80!


Check Your Charges:

Hotels will often overcharge (accidentally, so we hope) for raids of the minibar and your favorite on-demand movies. Check your bill for accidental double-charges, as even the most luxurious hotel can have a flawed system.


Grab Your Treats:

Hotels offer plenty of amenities while you’re there, but why leave them behind? Luxurious Molton Brown soaps or shampoo are a sweet treat at any time, and these little extras are more than likely thrown out after you leave. Their small size also makes them great for travel, so be sure to snag the ones you like! Photos courtesy of threebayentrepreneur, toxel, travelblat

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