Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago Talks Important Resources

What programs, apps or resources do you use to bring value to your guests? What about them is useful to you, and why would you recommend them?

We are in the process of working with Press Read to launch an amazing amenity at Trump Chicago! Guests will have the opportunity to download the app on their tablet or smartphone to access a complimentary library of over 2,000 same-day newspapers and magazines from around the world.  Whether a guest is traveling from Miami or Berlin they will be able to access their local newspaper. This is an extra step to make sure every guest feels even more at home during their stay.

We definitely recommend using apps as they give an extra, personal touch for travelers, creating an even more luxurious and sophisticated experience full of convenience and modern amenities.

How do you feel social media has changed your industry? How do you use social media to your advantage?

The evolution of communication channels has significantly changed the industry. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and with social media; guests not only share their experiences with their friends, but they can share their feedback with the world, allowing for a more personalized and wider reach.

Notable press placements are a focus for initiating conversation, highlighting the hotel’s standing as a premiere luxury travel destination. An emphasis is also placed on sharing compelling images to drive conversation and stand out in viewers news feeds. Plus, the hotel’s location, design, size and prominence in the city’s skyline allows for a robust gallery of images ranging from unique architectural perspectives, first-hand views from the building and beautiful photos of spaces throughout the hotel.

One-on-one communication and direct feedback is provided through social media platforms by engaging fans in conversations and facilitating dialogue through personalized comments, posts and more. Photos submitted by fans are used frequently to highlight the Trump Hotel lifestyle and the building’s distinction in the city.

Social media also allows us to keep a consistent and engaging presence in our guests’ lives. Whether it’s sharing recommendations for local attractions or photos of new menu items from our culinary team, useful and compelling content is the driving force for our outreach.

Photo courtesy of concierge

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