U.S. Hotels Begin Catering to the Affluent with $28,000 Suites


Luxury hotels in the United States are bettering their accommodations and increasing price tags to serve the superrich. Specifically in New York, hotels are competing to offer beyond luxurious amenities and accommodations at the highest of room rates.

The Mandarin Oriental, New York is just one of the many hotels in the city catering to the highest end of the market. The hotel revealed a 3,300-square-foot suite complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive dining room for a rate of $28,000 a night.

The New York Palace also unveiled its intentions to join the luxury race with its Jewel Suite. The suite spans 5,000 square feet and three stories, resembling that of a jewel box. It comes equipped with its own private elevator, views of the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings and even more than a million dollars worth of jewelry on display from designer Martin Katz. The Jewel Suite retails for $25,000 a night.

The Loews Regency Hotel in New York has also announced that its $100 million renovation will include six suites of a similar opulent nature, set to open in April.

The trend to cater to the affluent with luxurious hotel suites is said to have begun in places like London, Singapore and major Middle Eastern cities. The idea was less prevalent in the United States due to the recession and social rejection for being overly showy with wealth. Now, the race for extreme luxury has spread throughout New York City, Las Vegas, Miami and Dallas.

Details and photo courtesy of The NY Times

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