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Vacations are meant to distract us from everyday life in a memorable and relaxing environment. The following unique hotels take this to a whole new level, with award winning architecture, design and concepts like you have never experienced before. Feel truly transported with a trip to these unforgettable, and impossibly dreamlike destinations.

Bubble Tree, France  (Pictured above)

Designer Pierre Stéphane Dumas created a series of whimsical inflatable pods that are scattered around France. The eight pods are all set in beautiful nature-centric locations. Guests can customize their experience from the size of the pods to the level of transparency. A “Bubble Lodge” is created by combining a full size pod with a smaller bubble, and a “Grand Lodge” can be created by combining two full-sized bubbles. All bubbles are equipped with a filter that removes any irritants (bugs, moisture, allergens and dirt) and are made from plastic that offers protection from ultra-violet rays. With beautiful scenery and unbeatable protection from the elements, you will never want to leave your bubble.

Moinho de Vento, Portugal

moinhoThis converted windmill is located in the completely remote Alentejo National Ecological Reserve which is part of a privately-owned estate. The windmill has been upgraded to an incredibly luxurious escape, with sweeping estate views and a perfectly serene atmosphere. Complete with all household amenities, this unique destination is perfect for a nature-lover looking for a quiet, peaceful getaway.

Propeller Island, Berlin

Propeller Islane

If you are truly a fan of the eccentric aesthetic or are looking for a completely unforgettable step outside of your comfort zone—Propeller Island in Berlin is a creation of German artist Lars Strochen, and a completely avant-garde experience. Each room encapsulates its own work of art in which you, the guest, become a part of. Furthermore, each room is completely different, so you could be spending the night in a coffin or in a room completely filled with upside down furniture suspended from the ceiling. No matter what the theme, a stay at Propeller Island is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

The Balancing Barn, England

The Balancing Barn

In Suffolk, England the Balancing Barn invites guests to experience a breathtaking piece of architecture. Delicately located on a scenic hilltop, the barn (which sleeps eight) includes metallic tiles, panoramic windows and has won several design and travel awards. Guests are able to enjoy their stay on the edge of an eight mile nature reserve and marvel at this incredible design achievement.

Treehotel, Sweden


This incredibly chic collection of suspended tree dwellings is located in an evergreen forest outside of Harads village. Some of Sweden’s elite architects came together to collaborate on this true innovation of design. Thankfully, there are lifts to transport guests to their abodes which range in theme from future, alien, bird’s nest and more. Adding yet another element of beauty to this desirable hideout are the nearby Northern Lights.

Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island

tree spheresThree floating spheres named Eve, Eryn and Melody float suspended in the Vancouver forest. The mission of this stay is “To enable people to move into and inhabit the forest without taking it down first.” Ranging in size from one to four occupants the spheres sway (gently) with the wind and are meant to encourage creativity. Equipped with surround sound speakers for guest’s music, and a breathtaking view, the sphere is all you need to truly experience nature. Additionally, washrooms, showers, and a sauna are only a few hundred feet away.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Kenya, Nairobi region, the Giraffe Manor

Eight friendly giraffes dwell on the property of this historic Kenya destination. The beautiful creatures roam freely around the 140-acre reserve, along with other wildlife, and offer an exotic experience that guests will never forget. Living amongst these majestic companions might just convince you to adopt a baby elephant at the on-site elephant orphanage. In addition to a truly unique environment, the manor provides all the amenities needed to feel luxurious amongst the wildlife.

Rolling Huts in Methow Valley, Washington

rolling huts

Located in Washington’s Methow Valley, the Rolling Huts are the ultimate in luxury camping. Designed by Seattle architect Tom Kundig, the huts are grouped together as a herd of six. Each one has stunning mountain views and luxury accommodations. Each hut has a refrigerator, microwave, fireplace, a sleeping platform and modular furniture that can be converted to sleep two additional guests. Each hut has a portable toilet, and full amenities are close by. The perfect balance of indulgence and camping in the wild is achieved with the Rolling Huts.

Thorngrove Manor, Australia

Thorngrove manorLocated in Adelaide, Australia the Thorngrove Manor gives guests the opportunity to live in a fairytale. Surprisingly constructed in 1994, the castle features all of today’s modern hotel guest’s needs. Built on a vineyard, the manor has parking, wifi, temperature control, and award winning service and cuisine. The most interesting feature of Thorngrove is that some guest suites are located below ground, and others are on the top floor of the winding staircase. There are no public areas of the castle and couples do not see each other, making for the perfect rendezvous location. This fairytale hideout is the picture of a romantic, luxurious trip.

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