$148.5M Viceroy New York Mixes Uptown and Downtown Luxury Vibes


Viceroy CEO Bill Walshe told The Observer, “We were trying to create an uptown oasis with a downtown vibe.” The 120 57th street, 29-floor luxury tower is another addition to an area full of stately hotel buildings. However, the Viceroy is determined to make its own mark with a more accessible luxury atmosphere.

The hotel succeeds in blending old and new with rooms boasting classic leather and wood accents, brass hardware and bespoke furniture in addition to Dr. Dre Beatbox portable sound systems, smart phones that double as remote controls. The Viceroy also has a library of books that guests can browse from and even leave with at no additional charge. The hotel’s Marc Murphy restaurant, Kingside and the rooftop bar provide ideal places to relax for their younger target clients: 25 to 50-year-olds.

The building is full of stunning features such as muntined casement windows which are fully functional and opening, and huge to let in ample light. Designers Roman and Williams left the rooms free of wall art so that guests can take in the beauty of the city. The glazed black glass brick exterior gives the building a sleek feeling that foreshadows guest’s indoor experience.

American Realty Capital New York Recovery must have seen the building’s potential, causing them to purchase the building a month before its opening at $148.5 million.

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Photo courtesy of: manhattanscout.com

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