Virgin Galactic Space Travelers Expect Luxury Hotels


Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic, hopes to one day make space travel available to the masses. However, for now it remains a future plan for an elite group of ticket holders.

With tourist trips to space beginning in 2014, and a clientele of luxury travelers, prospective space visitors are beginning to wonder what sorts of amenities they will be treated to during their travels. Founder and President of an investment research and media company and former PayPal executive Michael Blum addressed this curiosity at a Las Cruces, New Mexico symposium on space travel on Tuesday. The Las Cruces Sun-News reports that Blum is potentially bringing thirty people to celebrate his voyage, and that he estimates others will bring up to one hundred.

Fortune reports that California’s Mojave Air and Spaceport is already complete with a parking area for fuel efficient vehicles and a sophisticated reception area with granite counter tops.

Virgin Galactic flights leaving out of the $209 million spaceport are expected to have fine restaurants, luxury hotels and the first rate amenities travelers would presume to indulge in upon any other trip.

We are excited to see what exciting new luxury accommodations are put into place for space travelers in the upcoming year.

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