What’s On Your Desk? Maria Campos, General Manager of the Cuixmala Hotel Shares Her Workspace Necessities

The things we hold near and dear say quite a bit about who we are, what we value, and how those values influence how we live, work and enjoy ourselves. We asked Maria Campos, General Manager of Cuixmala Hotel in Jalisco Mexico to give us an insight to what she keeps close at hand when at work.

One item on my desk which inspires me is my Tree of Life. With my hectic schedule its nice to be reminded of my children and family.

We really have perfect weather here, it rarely rains. I like to look at the dials and read them to people in other parts of the world who call me on the phone, 82°, low humidity, no rain expected!

I love to always have fresh flowers on my bookcase from the gardens of Cuixmala. They remind me how beautiful it is outside when I am at work inside.

Ever since I started using the Ipad, my office and work comes with me, I can never escape!

My eyeglass case, a gift to me from one of our guests.