Peek Inside the Hotel de Paris’ Famous Wine Cellar


Monte Carlo’s five-star Hotel de Paris, built in 1863, boasts many high-end amenities, but their wine (and their wine cellars) set the hotel apart from other luxury hotels. The wine cellars at Hotel de Paris are hallowed out of rock. The cool cellar houses hundreds of thousands of bottles of wines from around the globe in the 1500-square-meter wine racks.

The wines are reportedly arranged according to year and are carefully labeled to reveal which ones are currently being offered. What’s more, the wines are guarded by the head cellarman and a ten-member team.

According to the hotel’s website:

The head cellarman is backed by a team of 10 people who have all adopted the house philosophy: to respect age-old expertise, never to lose sight of the link between the wine cellar and the restaurants, and to remember that the heritage they protect is the legacy of previous generations and a foundation for those to come. As a result, cellarmen, chefs and sommeliers are able to create wine lists which seek to pair the dishes in each establishment with wines reaching their peak in the cellars beneath.